Carbon Biotech

UB-ONE is happy to announce the launch of our latest project and daughter enterprise Carbon Biotech. Its goal is to fight climate change. Caused by anthropogenic CO2, emissions, global warming is the biggest long-term problem facing our planet. There is barely any time left;­ we all need to act. With this in mind, the project aims to mitigate the effects of climate change and to provide sustainable commercial benefit, by developing added value carbon chains with microorganism-based products. The core principle is Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Usage (BCCU) enhanced by our proprietary 2SC process, with the intention of making these results and technologies accessible to the rest of the world. Carbon Biotech is a new and innovative Social Enterprise: human and natural well-being and social commitment are the essence to our success.

The Gambia

The aim of this project is to provide comprehensive disease prevention and promotion methods for The Gambia, with a focus on Malaria, Pneumonia and Diarrhea. Through our research on the ground, UB-ONE realized the urgency in building the right bridges to tackle these three main health issues in the country. The Red Cross Society of The Gambia has decades of experience in disease prevention and health promotion methods. Often without the right contacts and support from their previous government it was almost impossible to allocate the necessary resources to tackle their health challenges. UB-ONE has contacted the SolHEALTH, a non-profit organization, which specializes on disease prevention and health promotion techniques. Their health experts and board of directors are a remarkable combination of innovative, experienced and open minded individuals, who seek to support „one population at the time“ with their health challenges


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