Our vision is to contribute to the sustainable development of our planet based on equal consideration for both human and nature’s well-being by uniting and converging like-minded individuals willing to bend their collective efforts towards this end.

Based on the principles of respect, integrity and solidarity, we build social bridges across the planet to promote and encourage the advancement of local, grass-roots driven and ultimately self-reliant projects. We seek to create self-reliant networks of people, groups and communities throughout the world who cooperate on a global scale based on egalitarian principles.   

Furthermore, we incubate large-scale structural change projects in collaboration with highly skilled scientists, experts and large organizations. This allows us to closely tie the various networks to facilitate far-reaching collaboration.

UB-ONE considers the multi-facetted diversity represented in our networks as our foremost strength. We aim to share, exchange and create knowledge, skills and experiences to take on global challenges together - as ONE.


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UB-ONE Foundation
Schloßberg 21
69117 Heidelberg