Our Commitments

Our Commitments

Our innovative approach that sets us apart from other similar efforts is:

We commit to support and strengthen promising individuals, organized groups and initiatives, as well as cooperate with large-scale structural projects built on a sustainably and ecologically sound and innovative approach of development, seeking to reach self-reliance.

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Our main commitment is to select and incubate projects that are driven bottom-up as well as top-down. We are inspired and steered by key change-makers, innovators and organized communities that have exact knowledge about their local challenges and seek to improve their conditions with the aim of lasting change. 

As the projects align with the foundation’s core principles, we seek to empower their interdisciplinary problem-solving. The UB-ONE Foundation facilitates the development of solutions to address the multi-dimensional layers of each challenge, thus enabling the beneficiaries holistically.

UB-ONE will provide necessary impulses through our foundation’s network and tools like financial input as well as a wide array of knowledge, expertise and skills base to ensure the successful, self-reliant continuation of the selected projects.

… to encourage the creation, promotion, adoption, enhancement and innovation of sustainable concepts, based on the convergence and integration of the latest research combined localized traditional methods of the past.

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We, at UB-ONE, consider the advancement of sustainability as a key to egalitarian and harmonic development of humanity, enhancing a profoundly improved and more respectful interaction with nature.

Sustainability not only enables us to gain an understanding of socio-cultural, environmental and economical challenges or a critical discourse for exposing miss-leading concepts, but also improve our capacity to tackle and reform existing concepts and develop new solutions.

At the core, we understand that education can act as a multiplier of knowledge derived from local and collaborative initiatives.

… to build bridges to assemble a self-reliant, interconnected network of locals, specialists and professionals to actively share knowledge, skills and experience.

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We create a self-reliant network of people and groups who cooperate globally within an egalitarian perspective and process. We build bridges globally and  interconnect and support innovative, sustainable projects, individuals and groups, with the goal that all partners, groups and individuals enhance their experience and knowledge to take the greatest benefit from the network.

The network functions as a provider and catalyst for developmental impulses with information, along with personal and financial resources to improve skills, broaden perspectives, enhance standards of living and promote sound relation in interaction with nature.

We seek to establish a common basis of respect- and fruitful relating between individuals, political-, spiritual groups, NGO´s, as well as governments, to manifest together a new quality of life for all beings.

… to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). We understand the importance of each goal and how deeply intertwined they are, relative to each problem, solution and country, but it is equally clear to us that our main commitment is to Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals.  

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Since 2015, the countries of the United Nations have set 17 strongly interconnected and focused goals to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all until 2030. The intention is set for everyone to play their part as best possible and work collaboratively towards achieving the goals.

The UB-ONE Foundation’s work is to build bridges between governments, the private sector and civil society. We are focused on engaging, connecting and collaborating with a diverse range of partners based on shared principles and values.

We adopt the 17. SDG as the main working ground for our foundation to forge highly functional partnerships and sustainable bridges between innovative partners around the world.

This way, we can most effectively contribute towards our global goals.

… to treat each person we collaborate with equally, regardless of their background, skills, religious beliefs and sexual orientation. We maintain a culture of tolerance.

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