Transparent Donations

Transparent Donations

Transparent Donations

We, at the UB-ONE Foundation, consider transparency as one of the main features of our work. We offer the highest ethical procedures to transparently showcase our work to benefit of our donors, board members, project partners as well as volunteers. This way, we display how we manage our resources and how it best benefits the goals of each project.

We are currently making progress in developing those visual responsive tools to best facilitate and meet our transparency goals.

We accept small donations in the range of EU1 – EU50,000 through our paypal account, and any donations over that amount shall be subjected to appropriate evaluation and review, as we want to know in detail where the money is coming from and from whom.

Ethical conduct and accountability through a regular review of our foundation’s handling of resources is our main concern, as well as through the instituting of review processes at the donor level.

With much gratitude and humility, we have accepted all donations and assistance offered us thus far, and our commitment is to deliver the best quality work. We are developing a highly effective system functioning on the basis of high ethical standards that enables us to exponentially multiply the offerings as we serve the needs of recipients.

Charitable Donation Acceptance Criteria


By donation we are referring to a gift made by an individual or an organization to our private foundation. Charitable donations are commonly in the form of cash, but can be in the form of real estate, motor vehicles, appreciated securities, clothing and other assets or services.


We accept donations from individuals, organizations or programs whose intent is to assist us in our work to serve and support the projects we have selected and endorsed, all of which have been judged to be consistent with our foundation’s objectives. Moreover, our trustees have the discretion to consider other factors relevant to our foundations` best interests.

Hence, with any grant or donation we shall balance the benefits of funding against potential reputational risks, taking into account the legal framework and any other relevant considerations that are deemed relevant to the deliberations under consideration by the Ethics (Grants and Donations) Panel.

Grants and donations totaling over EU 50,000 will be referred for a full ethical screening by the Director of Research Division and may be referred to the Ethics (Grants and Donations) Panel. All potential grants amounting to less than EU50,000 are exempt from any screening unless common sense dictates that a screening should be undertaken.

The foundation accepts donations with the clear understanding that the funder has no influence over the decision-making freedom and independence of the foundation. This principle covers decisions relating to project selection, project partners and human resource.

Criteria Guiding the Review Process of the Ethics (Grants and Donations) Panel

The following criteria will be considered when deciding whether to refer a matter to the Panel:

  1. All proposed funding that is above the threshold, which shall be EU 50,000, or any other funding whose unique nature is deemed by the Council to be of such a nature that a more thorough and possibly ongoing review is required;
  2. Cumulative funding that is received from a single source in which the cumulative total is either approaching or has exceeded the threshold amount;
  3. Any proposed funding, irrespective of whether or not it happens to be under the threshold, that has been referred to the Panel’s attention by the Executive Director, Process and Development Manager or other foundation employee;
  4. Any other matter connected with the acceptance of proposed funding or ongoing relations with a funder that raises concerns of a legal, reputational, ethical or similar nature;
  5. Cases in which material information is received about a funder or funding source (including a series of funds) after the funding has been given which might breach the guidelines;

Funding shall only be accepted if the identity of the funder is known and found acceptable to the Panel. Funding will not generally be accepted if an intermediary negotiates on behalf of a potential benefactor who requires complete anonymity. While the foundation may agree that it will not publicly acknowledge the name of the funder, the identity of that individual must be explicitly known to UB-ONE in order to carry out the necessary ethical screening required brand found acceptable to the Ethics (Grants and Donations) Panel. 


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