Founded in 2016. UB-ONE is an independent, private and non profit foundation, both operational and grant-giving, based in Heidelberg, Germany.

As a group of motivated development professionals and avid travelers of diverse backgrounds, we came together to make a positive contribution to the world—in people’s lives and to our natural environment.

We believe that the only way to solve our problems is to address them head-on. Inspired by problem solvers and preservers of peace and balance, we consider them equally meaningful to be taught from, to support and if possible be linked to all other inspirers.

The foundation’s goal is to find effective ways to make the accumulated knowledge and know-how used and accessible to others, to address the many challenges humanity and all other beings are facing - as one.

Tassilo Küpper

Founder and Executive Director

Tassilo Bio

As the founder and director of the UB-ONE foundation, I believe that anyone who seeks to contribute to the betterment of this world is our colleague, partner and friend.

My six year international boarding school experience in the Czech Republic (Townshend International School) and my International Development Studies at the University of Vienna, as well as my travels and living experiences in Europe, Africa and Southern America have shaped and formed my understating of the concepts of unity and oneness.

The spark that inspired the formation of this foundation was ignited by people that crossed my path, representing many cultural backgrounds, beliefs and ethnicities. They convinced me that all our actions and intentions do have an impact and influence, either for the good or the detriment of others.

The success of this foundation therefore rests on this belief of oneness of humanity, and that this belief constitutes the greatest antidote against separation, exploitation, economical and gender inequality, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, racism, and all of the other “isms” that are jeopardizing the progress of humanity.

I personally believe in a strong network of like-minds and the necessity of a healthy distribution of resources to enable others committed to sustainable action.

The UB-ONE Foundation has been conceived of to seek cooperation with many partners, supporters, donors and friends, who share the same belief of oneness, so we can effectively address the needs of humanity and the environment in which we live.

Contact E-mail: t.kuepper[at]


Celmuun Dawcharbajar

International Development Consultant

Celmuun Dawcharbajar

As a citizen of the world, I have always aspired to make a real difference in people’s lives. My multi-cultural background has enabled the expansion of my world view, introduced me to a multitude of schools of thought and alternative ways of living and has equipped me with the opportunity to contribute to this foundation.

Tassilo Küpper and I share the same guiding principles of oneness in diversity, equality of all living beings and our dedication to pool all our available resources towards our common goal to transform the world for better.

I have joined the team of the UB-ONE Foundation as a freelance international development professional with a focus on the development, technology and media and creativity. I have a strong passion for immersive technology, such as Virtual and Augmented Reality and believe in the exponential power of media technology to make a strong impact and carry our message.

Sustainability and development are intrinsically interdisciplinary fields, drawing innovation and strength from a many fields, professionals and actors. The challenge is to mitigate, manage and cultivate humanity’s transformation towards greater sustainability.

Contact E-mail: c.dawcharbajar[at]


Amadou Drammeh

HSSG Country Project Manager

Amadou Drammeh

After obtaining a degree in Public Health and Development Studies from the University of The Gambia and became a seasoned Public Health Officer with 10 years of work experience in the sector. After University, I joined the UN World Food Programme as a Capacity Development Officer on School on school meals and nutrition in the Upper River Region.

Currently, I am the Country Project Manager for UB-ONE and SolHEALTH on Health Care Support and Strengthening in the Gambia. I am based in Banjul, coordinating the implementation of the different components of our health infrastructure revitalization project. It is indeed a great pleasure to work with these two foundations.

Contact Email: amadou.drammeh[at]