Resources and Partners

Resources and Partners

Resources and Partners

The UB-ONE Foundation places a very strong emphasis on networking and communication, so we strongly value our partners as we pursue sharing our resources.

Below you can see a listing of our partners and support organizations and find some very useful links and information.

We would like to express our deepest appreciation for all the assistance and help we have received from our friends, family and extended network.

Without your help, enthusiasm and support, we would not be in the position to deliver the quality of work we are committed to providing.

Building bridges to connect our world

The UB-ONE Foundation is an expert organization dedicated to promoting sustainable development projects by connecting the local and international organizations, philanthropists and academia.

Through generating ideas, and creating greater synergies for creative dialogue and collaboration, we facilitate the means for supporting the development of local projects that have the potential for value creation, self-sustainability, and positive impact on our planet’s sustainable development.

Our strategy is to identify, support and embolden the existing infrastructure on the ground for empowering the real drivers of social change. By working closely with the local partners, whose experience of knowing what is needed for a positive development within their communities, essentially help us to support them to lay the foundation for leading the development of sustainable and locally driven projects.

Building bridges is our main focus, as we understand that an effective, eye to eye, communication can lead to a strong connection and this we understand as the fundamental basis for solving problems and achieving sustainable solutions. We act as a mediator between the multitude of actors of the top-down and the bottom-up approach, because we are active in both networks.

Our team is strongly versed in intercultural communication, cross-sectoral collaboration, on-the-ground crisis management and innovative evaluation methods.

By strategically connecting and evaluating the diverse resources of philanthropists, donors, organizations and academics, and simultaneously utilizing the local knowledge and experience of the local partners, we focus all efforts to facilitate open dialog, effective transformation and employ sustainable solutions. With this approach we believe to elevate the living standards of those most in need to make a lasting difference in their communities and our environment.

As an internationally trusted, reliable and resourceful organization, we are an effective bridge for linking the international and national organizations and partners. We offer diverse solutions to address the strategic and logistical needs of developing projects. This includes the effective management of communications and liaisons for project development through advocating mutual interests and facilitating dialogues between local and international organizations.

We at UB-ONE believe that through an active dialogue between all actors, the right impact can be achieved, which is strongly needed for sustainable organizations and projects on the ground.


Cooperation Criteria

We consider successful cooperation as follows:

  • if our partners seek to support and contribute to our common goals and hence benefit together from this collaboration

  • if all parties collaborate with respect and continuously pursue working in agreement with the aforementioned standards on an eye to eye bases

  • if all intentions are made clear and thus found in accord with our common goals

  • if the agreed goals are met