Our Approach

Our Approach

In order to achieve these goals, we implement effective teams. Their function is to either assess and select innovative and sustainable projects or incubate and develop them, with the highest alignment of our principles.

1. Preliminary selection

The team is responsible to contact local partners to gather more concise and comprehensive information about viable projects.

  • Assemble a list of organizations based on the criteria of sustainability. These organizations should work within a frame of sustainable, innovative and locally adjusted approaches.

  • Conduct a desk reviews through which we will collect information from online resources, newspapers, other networks and partners and local residences.

  • Pre-select organizations and networks based on sustainable, innovative and locally adjusted principles will be finalized and presented to the management board.

2. Presentation to the Management Board

  • Based on the foundation’s core principles and a specific set of evaluation criteria for the Management Board, the key responsible individuals will choose the final projects and present them to the Board of Directors.

  • Management Board members make final evaluations of the projects locally and taking time to establish personal dialogue with project partners for planning the possible collaboration.

  • We consider it as an essential component to understand local conditions, needs and challenges with its complexity.

  • A feasibility study, financial and time-frame assessment takes place and a more concrete plan will be created.

3. Presentation to the Board of Directors

  • The Executive Director presents the final selection to the Board of Directors.

  • The Board of Directors in collaboration with the Executive Director will decide which projects will be funded and supported.

4. Monitoring and evaluation

  • Successful cooperation is established when all parties stay in continuous contact. This is necessary prerequisite to maintaining our support and reassessing the successful implementation of the cooperation.

  • At some point to be determined, we aim for the projects to gain momentum, stand on their own firm foundations and eventually become self-sufficient.

  • The successful project is recommended to interconnect within the network, thus being able to provide information and share impulses with other partners and projects.

UB-ONE understands that a successful cooperation between its partners is  not one of dependence but a welcomed means to gain independence in addressing local and global challenges.

All resources the UB-ONE foundation deploys is to lead to independence of the projects from their donors.

Our Principles

Our main principles are respect, transparency, solidarity, equality, and tolerance all within the context of the pursuit of truth, no matter how illusive its pursuit may at any given time be.


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