Carbon Biotech

Carbon Biotech

UB-ONE and Carbon Biotech: A new sustainable business concept 

Carbon Biotech is a Sustainable Enterprise, meaning that we are targeting a human and environmental problems. Our target is to contribute to the fight against climate change. Sustainable Enterprises have the advantage of creating social, economic and environmental value, instead of just profit orientation. They emphasize visionary solutions, while remaining transparent and accountable to the public.

The UB-ONE Foundation developed its own social business model through the initiation of Carbon Biotech.

The reason Carbon Biotech is a sustainable enterprise: 

All generated profits are to be reinvested into Carbon Biotech in order to enable research and accelerate the development of new sustainably oriented technologies geared towards enabling exponential solutions against climate change.

All knowledge created in the development process and beyond will be made available to the public, according to a special open-source model.

To speed up the global application of ecologically-friendly technologies, non-exclusive licenses will be offered at fair conditions to other companies.

We intend to develop our technology adaptable, so that it can be independently applied in a range of economic contexts, while maintaining and growing its impact potential.

The main focus to this aspect is our open pond alternative, addressed to less industrialized countries. This uses carefully selected microorganisms to produce bio-fertilizer and dietary bio supplements at a large scale, with much lower industrial and space demands, which can be sold locally at a low cost.

Why need Carbon Biotech

As global warming is on the rise and the effects of climate change are already devastating, it is our pressing responsibility to protect our planet and find solutions.

Based on the latest climate science data, the use of fossil resources for energy production and in petrochemistry needs to roll back significantly within the next 10-15 years. We need deep structural economic change and we need it now. This goes far beyond the scope of seeking industrial alternatives. Industrial processes as a whole have to enter a new era of decarbonization.

Combating and dealing with the effects of climate change is going to be complicated, expensive and a long term commitment. But at the same time, it is a great opportunity to develop new technologies that can ensure a sustainable, reliable, affordable, decentralized energy supply, which will benefit humanity and planet earth.


Carbon Biotech Sustainable Enterprise focuses on an innovative, highly integrated technology that uses microorganisms to capture atmospheric CO2.

CO2 is fixed by the organisms and biomass is produced at rates which are 50-100x faster than those of high-performance crop plants.This process offers a sustainable alternative to expensive and land-intensive Carbon Capture technologies. 

We at UB-ONE are particularly interested on how best to make this technology accessible to the rest of the world. A core principle at UB-ONE is that any partner or project should function self-reliantly.

Carbon Biotech's open pond system is a specifically adjusted version of our 2SC technology for less industrialized countries, with the potential for tremendous impact.

We are aware of the dangers of bringing foreign microorganisms to new ecosystems. Hence, careful case studies of the most suitable local or compatible microorganisms will be held before implementation.  

Additional beneficial soil microorganisms will protect against pathogens and aid fertilizing.

Our vision is that this technology can produce bio-fertilizer and dietary bio-supplements for cattle and human consumption at a large scale. Thanks to our high efficiency, land usage is significantly minimized.

Bio-fertilizer will be provided at a low cost to farmers as part of our sustainable business model, helping them become more independent from harmful pesticides and industrial fertilizers.

Meanwhile, the low cost increases opportunities for access and usage. Dietary bio-supplements can be used to combat famine, both for humans and animals.

By training locals on using this technology and its maintenance, we hope to achieve complete independence of the new experts in the open pond technology.

The only necessary commitment on their part will be to maintain the social business model by making these products accessible at a low cost and keeping the process sustainable and environmentally-friendly.

How Carbon Biotech works

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